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The War Twins of London  

The first book in my WWII historical fiction series will take you back to the early days of World War 2 in London. 

Explore the stories of Tillie and Maggie Kingston - two brave young women thrust into the dangers of war. Can they find love amidst the danger and heartbreaking loss? 


“I loved it. It was a really heart-warming journey through the grim reality of wartime. It totally captures the English ‘keep calm and carry on’ motto. You can’t help but love Tillie and Maggie.”

“I enjoyed getting to know your characters, and appreciate the insight about what many people during that time had to go through. I laughed and cried and felt the highs and lows of the Kingston family. It was an enjoyable read and I can't wait for the second book.”  

“My reading is all non-fiction so yours was a good piece of escapism.” Dickie Arbiter, LVO, Royal Commentator

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