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A Burning London Sky

The second book in my WWII historical fiction series - A Burning London Sky will take you back to the middle years of WWII London, leading up to D-Day.

Explore Maggie's story as she serves in the ATS operating ack-ack guns in the middle of the ongoing bombing. Will she be reunited with her love, Micah who is trapped in occupied France? 


"Reading about the Kingston family and twins is a joyful, uplifting, sad, and enlightening experience. The story of the lives of Maggie, Tillie, and all of the others pulled me in and I couldn't wait to hear what was going to happen next. The way they endured extremely difficult work. long hours and frequent exposure to the deadly horrors of war gave me a real perspective on the blessing of living in a time and place with peace and luxuries. I especially appreciate reading about the experience of Micah and his family as a jew in France - it's really almost beyond belief what happened in the concentration camps. The message of hope, love, family, and gratitude warmed my heart and reminded me to give thanks every day for my life. Thank you, Deb Stratas."

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