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The Code Girl from London

The third book in my WWII historical fiction series - The Code Girl From London picks up the war story on the eve of D-Day at Dover Castle as soldiers, airmen and sailors wait to mount the biggest Allied invasion of WWII. 

This is Katie's story - as the youngest Kingston sister, she feels overshadowed by her big sisters Tillie and Maggie. A disastrous love affair early in the war has left her determined to remain single - no matter what. As a naval WREN, she is surprised when she qualifies for the Special Forces taking vital German messages for British intelligence. Meeting charming Irishman Ciaran McElroy throws her into a tailspin - can she trust the feelings she's developing for this dangerous paratrooper?  

As the war ends, follow Tillie, Maggie, and Katie as they celebrate with joy and hopeful eyes to a future without bombs, heartache, and loss. 

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