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"Princess Diana's extraordinary first year of royal life."

What more is there to say about Princess Diana? As it turns out, quite a lot! Like many of you, I fell in love with Lady Diana Spencer when she burst onto the royal scene back in 1980. I watched her magical wedding, cheered when she had her sons, Princes William and Harry, sympathized with her marital difficulties and, of course, mourned her terribly when she died. Millions of people around the world also eagerly followed her life’s events. Princess Diana remained a superstar throughout her life and is still immensely talked about after her untimely and tragic death in 1997.


In reading about her, I, like others, could never get enough about Diana, in trying to learn about this fascinating young woman. Although many details of her life have been documented and published over the years, I found that one thing was missing in every account—Diana’s own voice. So take this journey with her, from the beginning. Also available in LARGE PRINT format. Now in AUDIBLE. 


"This book is Diana 'alive' again. The story of her early life is crafted with great lightness and passion. It made me feel that I am experiencing all the events and excitements as one of Diana's friends." amazon review

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