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How did a fashion icon become a respected humanitarian on the world stage? How was the Princess of Wales able to successfully navigate a complex divorce settlement from the 1st in line to the British throne? Was she or wasn’t she in love that final summer?

Diana, A Spencer Forever answers all these questions as the final chapters in Princess Diana’s story unfold in 1996 and 1997. Explore the final months leading up to her tragic death, and the global grieving phenomenon that then came to define her.

The first novel in the trilogy, Diana, A Spencer in Love told the story of the Princess’s first extraordinary year of royal life as she met and married the Prince of her dreams. Or did she? Diana, A Spencer in Turmoil picks up the story ten years later as the Princess comes into her own as a mother, friend and compassionate champion of the sick and vulnerable, all while her marriage crumbles in private. 

Trace the final steps of Diana’s journey as familiar events come alive through her eyes and unique voice with Diana, A Spencer Forever. Also available in LARGE PRINT format. 

"Awesome book - so well researched and written in a lifelike voice of the late Princess. A fitting final tribute to Diana. Loved it!"

"The life, loves and triumphs of Princess Diana's final two years."

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