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London 1939. England on the verge of war. 

Identical twins Tillie and Maggie Kingston thrive as Lyons Corner House Nippies. WWII breaks out. Tillie and Maggie start dangerous war work. 

 The Blitz starts raining down bombs. Can Tillie and Maggie find love in war-torn London?

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    About Me

Creator. Writer. Historian. 

I tell well-researched and highly readable stories about powerful women in extraordinary circumstances. Readers are transported to other times and places, inspired to be authentic in their own lives.

I am a proud British royalist fascinated with the English monarchy - from the early days of the War of the Roses, through the Tudor era, the trials and triumphs of England during World War II, and the current royal House of Windsor.

Having read many books about Diana, Princess of Wales, I decided to write the book I always wanted to read - one that would capture the thoughts and feelings of this young Princess during her extraordinary royal life. Explore them through my Diana Spencer series and At Home with Diana.

The Kingston Twins, Bravery in the Blitz is the first book in a new series about young women in World War II London. I have a lifelong admiration for the brave women on the WWII home front. This series follows sisters Tillie and Maggie who search for love while proudly helping others during the deadly Blitz.  

I share more about the childhood of the Duke of Windsor and his mindset when he abdicated in The Royal Key. I combined this with a modern-day love story about Annabelle and her healing journey. The Time Traveller's Wife meets Downtown Abbey in this time travel story.


Living in Toronto, Canada, I enjoy spending time with my amazing kids, their spouses, and my delightful grandchildren Eva and Joey.