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Victoria Arbiter, CNN Royal Reporter

At Home with Diana offers readers a poignant glimpse into the world of Diana, Princess of Wales, as told through the walls of the homes which bore witness to her life’s greatest highs and lows.  Brimming with historical facts, touching anecdotes and warm memories, it’s a must-read for Diana fans all over the world. At Home with Diana takes readers on an unforgettable journey through the many houses Diana once called home. 


This touching tribute reminds us all that though she’s no longer with us, her memory lives on within the multiple walls that bore witness to her indelible life.

From Park House where she was born, to Kensington Palace where she spent her last night, it serves as a poignant reminder of the joy Diana brought to the world and the lasting legacy she left behind. At Home with Diana serves as the perfect guide to the life and times of a shy young girl the world came to know as the People’s Princess.”

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